About us


Norrbom Vinding is a partnership which is managed by the partners at the general level. The day-to-day management is carried out by a managing partner, an office manager and an IT manager.

Managing Partner: Mariann Norrbom
Responsible for media and marketing: Jørgen Vinding
Office Manager: Inge Aas Lawaetz
Head of IT: Henrik Wiberg

Visions and Values

We want to maintain our position as the leading labour and employment practice in Denmark and the natural first choice for employers and management.

We are committed to cementing our reputation for excellence and to incorporating ethics into our legal advice.

At the same time, we want to be known for showing respect for the projects we are given, respect for the client, but also respect for the employee, lawyer and organisation representing the other party to the proceedings, negotiations, etc.

Internally at our firm, it is important for us to cultivate a strong sense of unity, caring and respect for each other, and our set of values means that all parts of the chain are equally important for us to deliver the best possible product and advice to our clients.


Norrbom Vinding was established in 1998, but our firm's history and experience go all the way back to the 1980's, when our partners were among the pioneers who developed labour and employment law as a separate discipline for independent lawyers in Denmark.

Our firm has gone from strength to strength ever since. Staff has increased by around 400% and turnover by around 700%.

Labour and employment law has also changed. Today, this area of the law is highly complex. Deep knowledge about collective bargaining processes, individual employment law and EU law is the foundation. But labour and employment law also requires expertise in tax, social security, business immigration, data protection, health and safety, IPR, special discrimination, incentives, pensions, CSR and much, much more.

Social Responsibility

Norrbom Vinding is a member of the UN Global Compact. Consequently, our firm is operated and our services provided in compliance with the ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption which have been placed on the international agenda by the UN.

We support Médecins Sans Frontiéres, BØRNEfonden and the Red Cross in close collaboration with the three organisations. Thus, Médecins Sans Frontiéres, BØRNEfonden and the Red Cross have partnered up with Norrbom Vinding for advice on the labour and employment law issues they face from time to time.

"Médecins Sans Frontières is an organisation based on volunteers and commitment. We send out doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to disaster zones all over the world to provide medical emergency aid. This requires a professional administrative organisation. With its dedicated effort and invaluable HR law services, Norrbom Vinding has enabled us to focus all of our energy on what we are here for: Delivering independent humanitarian aid wherever it is needed. Thank you. Thank you very much."

- Torill Pallesen Davey, HR Director


"BØRNEfonden has forged a partnership with Norrbom Vinding to benefit from its labour and employment expertise. 

BØRNEfonden is an independent development organisation funded by private sponsorships and business partnerships and today assists more than 65,000 children, their families and local communities for a brighter future.

The partnership with Norrbom Vinding reflects its commitment to global corporate social responsibility. As a result of our partnership, BØRNEfonden is able to free up resources to provide an even greater number of children in developing countries with an education and a safer and healthier upbringing.

We are very happy with our partnership with Norrbom Vinding; it has meant a great deal to BØRNEfonden."

- Bolette Christensen, CEO 


Client Relationship Management forms an integral part of our day-to-day activities. We are dedicated to maintaining and growing existing client relationships.

Knowing the client and its industry is the very basis for the dialogue that is an essential starting point for any legal advice. That is why we take an active interest in our clients and their context.

All clients are assigned one or more partners who will be responsible for the client relationship. Our intention is to meet with regular clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that we meet their expectations.

In addition to their relationship with the partners, clients will typically also be assigned an associate.  

Our goal is to ensure that there will always be a partner or associate to answer your call.

All clients will be offered to sign up for our electronic newsletter for a regular update on what is happening in the area of labour and employment law. They will also be invited to attend our breakfast briefings on current topics and to join the industry-specific networks we have set up.

"We are dedicated to maintaining and growing existing client relationships"


Norrbom Vinding is the law firm in Denmark which is consistently ranked as the leading firm or the market leader within labour and employment law, and we are the law firm in Denmark which has the greatest number of the lawyers who are ranked as leaders in their field.

Norrbom Vinding's labour and employment law practice is the largest in Scandinavia and the market leader in Denmark.

Norrbom Vinding is a law firm which provides labour and employment law advice to employers in the public and private sectors.

We have made it our goal and our vision to always be the best labour and employment lawyers in Denmark and the natural first choice for employers and management.

We have found it important to achieve a size and a breadth which means that we have specialists in our firm who are not just experts in the legal specialities we cover, but also experts in most industries.

Today, we are regarded as the market leader in our field - a fact we pride ourselves on - and we operate nationally as well as internationally; internationally through a number of collaborative firms, including the Ius Laboris alliance, which offers 1,400 specialised labour and employment lawyers in 49 countries

Rankings by Year

  • 2007

    "This "renowned" specialist firm covers all aspects of employment and labour law and is at the forefront of competitors' minds as "outstanding, very thorough and dedicated to the field." The firm attracts significant clients as a result of its concentrated expertise: "It has the deepest knowledge of employment matters in Denmark and houses the leading lawyers in the area." .."

    (Chambers Europe – 2007)

    "”Brimming with talent” employment boutique Norrbom Vinding Law Firm, member of Ius Laboris, is accepted by peers and clients alike as the “unquestionable leader” and “right at the cutting edge”. The eight-partner firm which was established in 1998 is now the largest employment team in Scandinavia. It acts exclusively for management in both the public and private sectors... Leading corporates, who would ordinarily use only the biggest firms, retain this practice on all employment law matters. Mariann Norrbom is internationally renowned and, in 2006, assumed the chair of the IBA's employment committee, a rare honour for a Danish lawyer. Jørgen Vinding is also highly commended."

    (The European Legal 500 – 2007)

  • 2008

    “Somewhat unique in the Danish legal market, this firm exists as a fully specialised employment law boutique representing exclusively management clients. “If any firm should be on top, it should be Norrbom Vinding,” acknowledged sources, as it fields the largest fully specialised team of lawyers and has “the capacity to deal with anything in the employment field.” The group shines with its labour law expertise and assists employers’ organisations and major companies with collective bargaining ... Norrbom Vinding’s “strong database system enables it to deliver up-to-date employment law information to clients,” reported sources, placing the group “in a class of its own.”

    (Chambers Europe – 2008)

    “Norrbom Vinding, member of Ius Laboris is universally respected for its “specialist advice”… Leading corporates, who ordinarily use only the biggest firms, retain this practice for specialist employment law matters.”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2008)

  • 2009

    “As the only firm in the sector to focus entirely on employment, this outfit enjoys an exclusive position in the Danish employment market. Commentators say: "It's outstanding – this is a strong boutique with a sizeable team of skilled partners doing employment work on the national and international stage." The firm has acted on some of the biggest redundancy cases and restructurings and continues to excel in litigation. Other growth areas include pensions and related tax issues. Mariann Norrbom leads the practice and is "one of the foremost specialists in the Danish market." The firm's other name partner, Jørgen Vinding, wins equally strong praise. Morten Langer is one of the leading experts in non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, while Christian Clasen is the firm's main industrial relations specialist...”

    (Chambers Europe – 2009)

    “Specialist employment boutique Norrbom Vinding, member of Ius Laboris, offers “top-level, highly professional service and great insight”. Industrial relations expert Jørgen Vinding has represented Post Danmark and is singled out for praise... Mariann Norrbom is renowned throughout the Danish market and internationally...”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2009)

  • 2010

    “A dedicated employment firm, Norrbom Vinding is applauded for the “high-quality specialised advice” it delivers, and is widely regarded by peers as an “absolute standout” for its comprehensive expertise and experience. The team has an excellent reputation for litigation, presenting many cases at Supreme Court level, and also focuses on restructuring processes, discrimination matters and collective bargaining agreements. Mariann Norrbom is held in high esteem both in Denmark and internationally, and is particularly renowned for her work in the financial sector. Sources say she “always gets the very best results for her clients.” Jørgen Vinding has the ability to deliver “legally sound advice with a commercial and pragmatic edge.”” In addition, Morten Langer “is highly respected for his work in restructurings, collective redundancies and individual contracts. He is praised for being “business-oriented, quick and always available.” Clients highlight Christian Clasen’s excellent knowledge of collective bargaining agreements and have confidence in his ability to understand their business needs: “He has a great ability to see the legal aspects from the client’s point of view.””

    (Chambers Europe – 2010)

    “Employment boutique Norrbom Vinding maintains its market-leading position, offering “high-level specialist advice”.”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2010)

  • 2011

    “Litigation is a cornerstone of this firm’s practice, and the team has witnessed a rise in complex employment disputes… Sources say: “The lawyers are much broader in their advice than the others.”” Mariann Norrbom and Jørgen Vinding are regarded as ““extremely significant players” in the market and “outstanding in their fields of expertise.”” Morten Langer is praised for “his increased market visibility and recent participation in a number of high-profile cases. He “is a fantastic litigator: always available, very much hands-on and knows this area incredibly well.””

    (Chambers Europe – 2011)

    “Employment boutique Norrbom Vinding’s “strong team” has “sufficient depth to cover challenging tasks in a demanding time frame”.”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2011)

  • 2012

    “This specialist teams remains in the top tier for employment law…” Sources say: “A brilliant, number-one team with very bright people.Morten Langer is praised for doing “… an exceptional job – he has a very experienced way of handling cases”, whilst Mariann Norrbom is hailed as “the queen of employment law in Denmark.” Peers say Jørgen Vinding is “dedicated and excellent”, especially when it comes to employment litigation work. Sources rate Christian Clasen for his international expertise, whilst Yvonne Frederiksen stands out for her work on discrimination and unfair dismissal cases.”

    (Chambers Europe – 2012)

    “Employment boutique Norrbom Vinding’s “highly skilled, professional” team shows “in-depth business understanding”, and acts for major clients…”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2012)

  • 2013

    “This pre-eminent group is held in high esteem by sources, who highlight the team’s ability to provide holistic advice to each client… Sources say: ”A very experienced team – the lawyers really know what they are doing. The best in the market.” Managing partner Mariann Norrbom “… has a deep understanding of business and communication. She is incredible on high-profile cases.” Jørgen Vinding is praised for his “strong standing in the market”. Christian Clasen “earns rave reviews from commentators for “his outstanding capabilities in collective bargaining agreements” and earns praise “…for being “extremely good at analysing a case quickly”, for his talent in negotiations, and for his ability to “really break the issue down into understandable pieces.”” In addition, Yvonne Frederiksen “is making a name for herself on discrimination cases.”

    (Chambers Europe – 2013)

    “Employment boutique Norrbom Vinding’s “specialist, service-minded” team acts for major clients…”

    (The European Legal 500 – 2013)

  • 2014

    Leading Danish employment boutique. Expertise covers a broad range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, aviation, finance and media. Particular aptitude for collective bargaining agreements.
    Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients) 
    "The firm is known for having the best employment lawyers."
    "The team has standout quality and efficiency. It is a really strong firm."

    Notable practitioners  
    Managing partner Mariann Norrbom is seen as a "world-class" practitioner. Market commentators widely agree on the importance of her influence on the Danish employment sector.
    Morten Langer is a "wonderful lawyer," say sources, who praise him for his "strong record advising on restrictive covenants." He is also skilled with interim injunctions and incentive schemes.
    Sources highlight Jørgen Vinding as a "brilliant litigator." He is praised as "service-minded and very responsive," and enjoys a strong reputation for arbitration cases.
    Commentators agree Christian Clasen is a "very bright lawyer," and is widely respected for his collective bargaining expertise. He has particular knowledge of advising clients from the sports sector.
    One client describes Yvonne Frederiksen as "one of the most employer-friendly representatives in Denmark." She is also noted for her prowess on discrimination mandates.

    (Chambers Europe - 2014)

    Clients rate employment boutique Norrbom Vinding as ‘absolutely the best’. Yvonne Frederiksen successfully defended the Danish Employees’ Guarantee Fund in a High Court case concerning termination during parental leave. Jørgen Vinding successfully represented Local Government Denmark in the Danish Labour Court. Morten Langer is assisting H Lundbeck with restructuring in 21 countries. Mariann Norrbom represents DONG Energy, and Christian Clasen advises SAS Group.

    (Legal 500 - 2014)

  • 2015

    "What the team is known for Highly regarded employment boutique with considerable experience in litigation, particularly with regard to collective bargaining, discrimination and data protection. Also noted for its incentives expertise, especially in the media, aviation, financial and pharmaceutical industries. 

    Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients) 

    "I think it's excellent; it knows pretty much everything in this area. It can always answer your questions and always has an expert in the right area."

    "The firm is always very forthcoming and knows your situation when it advises you. It's always very quick too - always ready to assist."

    Work highlights Representing the SAS Group in several court cases relating to age discrimination claims. 

    Representing the Danish League Association in a collective bargaining process regarding agreements covering football players employed at professional clubs in Denmark. 

    Notable practitioners  

    Mariann Norrbom is described as "the queen of employment law in Denmark; she's a great strategist with a very good standing." Norrbom has extensive experience, particularly in employment litigation and arbitration. 

    Morten Langer is well regarded for his expertise in non-compete clauses and bonus schemes. Clients say he "understands how to put his legal advice into practical terms, tailoring it to fit the reality of the client."

    The "very bright and very quick" Jørgen Vinding is appreciated by clients for his "special strength of viewing legal matters in a political context and advising accordingly." Recent highlights include representing Local Government Denmark in a case concerning a nationwide lockout involving teachers. 

    Christian Clasen has "broad knowledge, calls you back fast and always gives good advice," according to clients. Another interviewee states: "He can see the case from different points of view; he is a good all-round consultant." Clasen is noted for his expertise in discrimination and collective bargaining matters. 

    Yvonne Frederiksen specialises in employment contract issues and discrimination claims. Clients have "only good things to say about her," describing her as "always forthcoming and helpful."


    (Chambers Europe - 2015)

    “At Norrbom Vinding, Mariann Norrbom’s recent work includes developing remuneration schemes for clients in the financial services industry and Jørgen Vinding has undertaken a significant amount of litigation for public sector clients, such as Local Government Denmark. Yvonne Frederiksen specialises in discrimination law. Morten Langer is recommended.”

    (Legal 500 - 2015)

  • 2016

    "What the team is known for Employment powerhouse with practitioners specialised in all areas of labour law. Discrimination, redundancies, incentive schemes and terminations are areas of focus, in addition to assisting clients with employment-related disputes. Expertise also includes tax, social security and pensions advice. 

    Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients) 

    "We are very satisfied with these lawyers; they are responsive, accessible and they give reliable advice."

    "The lawyers have built a good understanding of our business and they give sound and commercially viable advice." 

    What's new? Pandora Group, Paramount Pictures and F.C. Copenhagen are among a raft of new additions to the client roster. 

    Work highlights Defended the municipality of Billund in the "Obesity Case" involving Discrimination Law and EU regulations. 

    Successfully represented the SAS Group in a landmark case before the Supreme Court concerning age discrimination. 

    Notable practitioners 

    Mariann Norrbom has extensive experience in employment law, particularly in advising public authorities and financial institutions. 

    Morten Langer advises on all aspects of employment law, with particular expertise in international work, collective redundancies, bonus and incentives. Clients say: "I think he is excellent, and what I value is that he sees the problem right away, and he is not hung up on the detail but on the outcome. He thinks outside the box and is very solution-oriented."

    Jørgen Vinding is an experienced practitioner dedicated to handling complex employment cases. Recent highlights include defending Falck Danmark in a case related to the EU Working Time Directive. 

    Christian Clasen works primarily on industrial relations, collective bargaining and redundancies as well as strategic conflict management. He advised the Danish League Association in a collective bargaining procedure. 

    Yvonne Frederiksen is regarded as a leading lawyer for matters related to discrimination. She recently defended the municipality of Bornholm in a case related to the interpretation of the collective agreement governing employment relationships. Clients say: "I normally call her for very complex and technical matters, as I get very detailed advice and analysis." 


    (Chambers Europe 2016)


    "‘Highly professional’ firm Norrbom Vinding provides ‘very useful advice’ on all aspects of employment law. Yvonne Frederiksen, who is ‘one of the best within all discrimination issues in Denmark’, is representing Local Government Denmark (an employer organisation that represents all 98 Danish municipalities) in a case concerning obesity discrimination before the European Court of Justice. Jørgen Vinding often acts for clients in the public sector. Mariann Norrbom heads the practice." 

    (Legal 500 - 2016)