Bill on Agency Workers' Rights passed

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17 Jun 2013

the danish parliament recently passed the bill on agency workers rights

Yvonne Frederiksen

The Danish Parliament recently passed the Bill on Agency Workers Rights

The Danish Parliament recently passed the Bill on Agency Workers' Rights.‎
On 30 May 2013, the Danish Parliament passed the Bill on Agency Workers' Rights. The new Act will ‎come into force on 1 July 2013 and was passed in unchanged form.‎
The purpose of the Act is to ensure equal treatment of agency workers. Among other things, the Act's ‎principle of equal treatment means that agency workers assigned to user undertakings by an agency ‎must enjoy the same rights as other workers with regard to the most important employment and ‎working conditions. For example, the employment conditions of agency workers during their ‎assignment with user undertakings must be at least the same as those which would apply to them if ‎they had been recruited by the user undertaking for the same job. ‎
In addition, each user undertaking will be required to ensure, among other things, that its agency ‎workers have access to the collective facilities provided by the user undertaking and that agency ‎workers are informed of any vacancies in the user undertaking.‎
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